PM Chat There are several ways to earn PM Dollars (PMD).

You can earn PM Dollars on your PM Marketing-NetworkLeads Leads orders:
You will earn 10% of all your Leads order in PM Dollars. Whether you order Leads One Time, once in a while, or every week, 10% of your Leads order will be added to your PM Dollars account after it is filled. For example: a $200 Leads order monthly will earn you $20 PMD each month.

You can earn PM Dollars on your referrals:
When you give your PM Marketing Rep qualified referrals for PM Marketing business, you will receive $5 PMD per qualified referral.

You can earn PM Dollars when you share LMS:
Receive $1 PM Dollars for every Free LMS added through the LMS Support Ticket System. If we provide a free LMS manually or through a separate signup mechanism , please let us know as we need to manually add the PM Dollars.

You can earn PM Dollars when you refer someone who buys a Leads Package:
When someone you refer buys a leads package, you will receive 10% of that Leads order in PM Dollars on the First order. The Referred Person will earn 10% in PM Dollars too.

You can help your newly sponsored PM Marketing Leads get started with PM Dollars too!
When you sponsor a lead you bought from PM Marketing, the person who was the lead can earn a New Person advertising package. As you can see, we really want to help you build your business!
Details: Submit a Support Ticket through your LMS and let us know who you sponsored in. We will welcome them in to your business, create an LMS for that person, and give that person a Leads Package to help them get started. Contact your PM Marketing Rep for details.

Other promotions will give you the opportunity to earn PM Dollars too:

  • By attending Training Conference Calls and Webinars.
  • Through other promotions and events.
  • PM Dollars are tracked here and you will be able to redeem them anytime.

Remember: Join as a Building Fortunes Affiliate, and earn both PM Dollars and commissions.

Special Note: PM Marketing has the right to determine all terms, conditions, qualifications, and packages on the PM Dollars and New Person Advertising Package Promotions. New Person Advertising Packages are able to be redeemed directly by paying PM Marketing Customers only. If you have any questions, ask your PM Marketing rep for clarification, although PM Marketing corporate will make final decisions.

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