PM Chat In 1998, Peter Mingils founded PM Marketing - Network Leads. Peter Mingils understands, "Anyone can sell you leads." Peter Mingils thinks you deserve more than that. PM Marketing - Network Leads will help you build your business by offering the leads, the systems, and the training.

Peter Mingils is a guest speaker at the Dr. Charles King's University of Illinois @ Chicago's Network Marketing Seminar. Peter Mingils is the Past President of the Distributor Rights Association (DRA), previous corporate sponsor for and on the Advisory Board of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) and former President of Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP).

Currently, Peter Mingils is on the board of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLM IA), Co-hosts MLM IA Radio with Doris Wood, and leads the Distributor Alliance Conference. Peter Mingils owns Building Fortunes Radio, and the Youmongus Ad Network.

One of the most important resources of all MLM marketers is a constant flow of people taking a look at the products and services you have to offer. PM Marketing - Network Leads is the industry leader in the Leads, Systems, and Training business.

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